2023 ActorsFCU Scholarship Winners Announcement

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We are excited to present the recipients of the 2023 Actors Federal Credit Union Scholarship Program.

For the third consecutive year, we held our ActorsFCU Scholarship Program. In memory of our late board members, Mel Boudrot and Gil Rogers, we created this initiative to assist members of the creative community in achieving their educational goals. We are pleased to announce that we have awarded two ActorsFCU members $10,000 in scholarships. Our scholarship selection committee carefully selected these students based on their outstanding applications and personal statements. 

Introducing the 2023 ActorsFCU Scholarship recipients: Sheila Tapia and Ian Thomas

The 2023 Mel Boudrot Scholarship Recipient: Sheila Tapia

Sheila Tapia is a professional actor who is pursuing a Juris Doctorate in law from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University to advocate for marginalized communities, particularly her fellow artists. She experienced firsthand the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the entertainment industry, as many lost their jobs, health insurance, and even homes.

Frustrated, Sheila wondered how she could use the oral and writing skills she had honed in the theater, to become a voice for change. She realized that by pursing a legal education she could leverage both her legal and theatrical training to advocate for better access to healthcare, fair wages, and fair contracts. Sheila is determined to be a source of support and help for all those who have been historically overlooked.


The 2023 Gil Rogers Scholarship Recipient: Ian Thomas

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ian Hudson Thomas has had dreams of being a filmmaker since he was small. However, his true passion for filmmaking kicked in in high school, where Ian attended Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School for the film program. 

Now a first year film major at UNC School of the Arts, Ian intends to continue on with his childhood dream of being able to recreate the feeling of magic he felt watching films as a kid.

Using his years of learning and absorbing stories from all kinds of people all across the globe, Ian hopes to be able to share his own stories with the world, spreading messages of positivity as far as he can.

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