Fraud Action Package

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If you believe an unauthorized transaction has been made with your VISA Debit Card or ATM card:

1. First, check your ActorsFCU account to find out how and where the transaction(s) took place, and the amount(s). Try to determine if the charge(s) is yours.

2. If you believe the charges are not yours, contact our Fraud Management Department at 212.869.8926, ext. 619.  We will block your VISA Debit Card and reissue a new debit card once we receive your completed Visa Debit Card Application.

3. Complete the Fraud Action Package forms. 

Once you have submitted a debit card dispute, please allow 5-7 business days for your claim to be processed. We will email you if any additional information is needed.

Actors Federal Credit Union provides provisional credit for eligible fraudulent transactions.  However, if any of the charges are found to be yours—or if a merchant voluntarily reverses a charge—the provisional credits for those amounts will be deducted from your account. Please note that you may not be eligible for a provisional credit if we received your dispute more than 75 days after the transaction was posted to your account.

In order to protect your account, we highly encourage you to take advantage of the CardNav app by downloading it on your phone through the App Store or Google Play. CardNav app enables you to set controls regarding the transaction types, geographic rules, and the merchant types where your card can be used. Also, don't forget to check your bank statements periodically.

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